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Monuments in Chennai

History whispers to you at Chennai. The city has a handful of stories to tell, stories that will charm you, stories that will bring out the inquisitive you from your inner self. The Monuments in Chennai are the epitomes of the colonial and Dravidian days of the city. These monuments in Chennai also reflect well the glorious Muslim era of the city. If you are a student of history, these Chennai monuments will enhance your knowledge far better than the lifeless pages of the text books. And if you are not, these monuments will push you to study history once again. Basically, these monuments in Chennai are like a bibliography of the many events that took place in and around the beautiful city of Chennai.

Fort St. George

This debris is the symbol of the first step of the British emperors in India. In 1640, the East India Company anchored first on the western verge of the Chennai where the Bay of Bengal kisses the city. It mirrors well the architectural typicality of that era.

Government Museum

Chennai Government Museum is amongst the most-visited Monuments in Chennai. It was also built during the colonial days and today stands straight as one of the oldest museums of the country. There are several sections of the museum that have been attracting tourists for years.

Kamaraj Memorial House

Shri Kamaraj, who was the ex-chief minister of Tamil Nadu, came from a lower-class and achieved the most respectable political post of the state not one or two times, but thrice. Shri Kamaraj had many contributions to the growth and development of the city as well as the state. This Chennai monument is named after him and was opened in 1978.

Freemasons Hall

This monument of Chennai is located in Central Chennai. It is the embodiment of the ethnicity, ritual and rich tradition of the people of Chennai and Tamil Nadu. It was built in the year of 1923.

MGR Memorial

Another important memorial monument in Chennai, MGR is named after the legendary actor and political leader of the state of Tamil Nadu, MGR Ramachandran. The incredible popularity of the artist attracts millions of visitors every year to this monument of Chennai. It got all open to public in 1990.

Thousand Lights Mosque

This is one of the mostly visited Monuments in Chennai. Built on the land donated by Nawab Wallajah in mid 1800, the place experiences a congregation of thousands of Muslims in every religious festival. It is believed that the mosque used to be illuminated by thousand lamps and it’s a tourist attraction of all seasons.

Senate House

The senate hose, apart from its administrative and political significance, has grown extremely popular as of the major Monuments in Chennai as it showcases some marvelous strikes of architectural intelligence. This 19th century built Chennai monument is visited by people from all part of the country.

War memorials

If you love your country, if you get enthralled listening the glorious sagas of the martyrs of the country, this monument of Chennai is a must-visit for you. There are remembrances of the great heroes of the country carefully reserved in one of the many Monuments in Chennai.