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Lakes of Chennai

The lakes of Chennai are copious with natural beauties, surrounded by flora and fauna. If you have a knack for boating amidst the jade, like water to touch your toe as a coy mistress, the lakes in Chennai are a must-visit for you. Boating aimlessly in these lakes and staring at the natural world with an open heart. What else can make your Chennai tour a memorable one? City amenities are many but getaway from the regularity of a busy city like Chennai is also a sweet experience.

In point of fact, the Pulicat Lake is the popular most lake of Chennai. But there are some other lakes of Chennai that have found a significant position in the travel and tourism map of the city and its adjoining areas. Let’s have a brief virtual tour across the lakes in Chennai city.

Pulicat Lake

Just 60 kilometers drive away from the city of Chennai, this lake is the biggest of its kind in the world hence get a fairly large number of visitors every year. The lake is all open to visitors from October to march as it is the best time period to experience the scenic beauty and the wildlife around the lake. It is alienated from the Bay of Bengal by a water-stream and that is where the city of Pulicat is positioned.

The tarn, unequivocally one of the best lakes of Chennai, is famous for its rich biodiversity. 65 types of fish, a good number of birds and numerous small reptiles and mammals are inhabitants here. Birds of Anatidae family visit pretty often this Chennai Lake. Kingfishers, Herons, Spoonbills are some of the birds of the group that visit this lake every year. But undoubtedly the best attraction of this lagoon of Chennai is the Pelican bird. Every year over fifteen thousand of them visit this lake of Chennai.

Clear evidences of Dutch colony are found aplenty here in Pulicat Lake. The Dutch burial ground that is still here by this lagoon of Chennai is one of the inklings to the colonial past of the area. For ornithologists and the nature-admirers, this place is a slice of heaven. Getting here is also very much convenient as the lake is well-connected with the airport and railway station of Chennai. Staying in Chennai and a day-out in Pulicat Lake is preferred by many of the tourists.

Kaliveli Lake

It is again one of the most-visited lakes of Chennai. Just 16 kilometers north from Pondicherry, the place is enriched with all the natural beauties poured in. The lake boasts of both freshwater and brackish water streaming. Many migratory birds visit the place seasonally. There are many rare species of trees and plants all around the Kaliveli Lake. The place is well-connected to Chennai. Getting there is easy and convenient enough.

Sholavaram Lake

Sholavaram is one of the richest lakes of Chennai. It is situated in Ponneri Teluka of the district of Thiruvallur. From here, water is supplied to Chennai. The place is a beautiful picnic spot.