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Holy Places in Chennai

Are you in Chennai with a pious heart? Have you a mind for rendering your deepest prayers to your God? Then you are at the right place. The holy places in Chennai have a good old past and making a tour without praying at these temples, mosques, churches or Gurudwaras is incomplete, at least for a theist individual. There are several holy places that not only facilitates you to adore your God but also leaves you amaze as these are some of the architectural marvels for which Chennai has been so popular for decades and centuries. They bear the imprint of the many dynasties that have constituted the glorious past of the area.

Parthahsarathy temple

Located at the Triplicane area of the city, the Parthahsarathy temple is one of the most-visited holy places of Chennai. It is the ancient most temple of its type in Chennai city. In 8th century, the temple was built by the Pallava kings. But during the Chola and the Vijaynagar era, the temple was renovated several times. Parthahsarathy is the other name of Lord Krishna. In fact, five avatars of Vishnu have been housed here. For the last 135 long years, there has been a practiced ritual of floating mirror palanquin which is the main attraction of festival days at this holy place of Chennai.

Kapaleeshwar temple

This temple, a 300 years old relic is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The beautifully engraved Gopuram holds well the sign of the Dravidian sculpture genre. Mythological inscriptions are here and there on the body of the architectural phenomenon. The Punnai tree, the shrine of Saint Gnanasambandar and the Shiva lingam which is believed to be established Brahma are the main attraction s of this temple. Arupathu Moovar Vizha, a celebration of the Kapaleeshwar temple is a ten days escape from the regularities where every denizen as well as the tourists come and float in the pomp and grandeur of festivity.

Thousand Lights Mosque

One of the celebrated holy places of Chennai is Thousand Lights Mosque which is located in Royapettah town within the city. In the Arcot era, this mosque was built. It was built on a place where the Shia Muslims used to gather on the occasion of Muharram. After establishment, the mosque has been renovated several times but still it reflects well the medieval architectural genus. The vast compound of this holy place of Chennai possesses guest house, library and burial ground. The place is most visited by the Siah Muslims of the country.

Christ the King Church

This is one of the most popular holy places in Chennai and a must-visit for the devout Christians. For the church's closeness to the Nungambakkam, it is well-connected to all the other parts of India. The building embodies a archetypal gothic style and thus, though being younger in age, have become a center of attraction for the tourists as well. The blemished glass windows, the lonesome sidewalks, the sky-kissing spire, everything makes it a saintly domain.

Guru Nanak Sat Sangh Sabha

Located in the southern part of Chennai, Guru Nanak Sat Sangh Savha is one of the chief holy places in India. Pious Sikhs from all over the country visit this place once stepped in Chennai. It was built in 1949 and was meant for cultivating communal and spiritual values. The best time for visiting one of the best holy places in Chennai are the birthdays of Guru Nanak, Guru Govind Singh and Guru Arjun Dev as the colors of festivity touch every Sikh as well all the visitors at that time.