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Gardens of Chennai

Gardens of Chennai are the slices of greenery scattered here and there within the kingdom of steel and concrete. They are the green rebels against the city skyscrapers and the grey shades of Chennai. Vast lawns, forlorn sidewalks, long trees, timid plants and shrubs all are the integrated features of these Chennai gardens. The parks and gardens of Chennai supply the required oxygen to the city of Chennai; facilitate the old citizens to enjoy slow-walk, birds to chirp and the children to play. Taking a quick look at some of the major parks and gardens in Chennai city will encourage you to visit them whenever you find succor.

Nageswara Garden

This garden of Chennai is located in the suburban area of the city. In the southern part of Chennai, this garden is located. In 1940, this garden was opened for the general residents of the city. It serves as a hang-around place for the populace of the suburb of Chennai. Since then, government has poured funds after regular intervals to improve the place as a major tourist spot of Chennai. The stunning garden has beautiful artifacts inside. Not only that, there are spouts and open spaces that will enthrall your stay in the garden. There is a wide variety of trees like Lapostromea, Neem and Tabulia. There are planned footways that will pave your way to peacefulness. Children can play in a large space provided for them. From Tirumailai Railway Station, take a walk of five minutes and you reach the garden. The nearest bus stand is three kilometers away. On all days, you will find the park open from 7.30 am onwards.

Natesan Park

The Natesan Park is one of the most visited gardens of Chennai. Situated at the heart of the city, the garden serves as the oxygen cylinder to the hot-and-happening city. Abundant with rare species of plants like Crotans or Aralias, the place is blissful solitude for any person. The park was opened for all in the year of 1950. Situated in T. Nagar, one of the most famous gardens of Chennai, the Natesan is one of the prime recreational spots of Chennai. The garden lights make every evening memorable and the lovebirds of the city prefer this place for the sidewalks that facilitate them to share with each other the deepest thoughts. The birds squeak in the daytime which comes well coupled with the children’s shouting in the afternoon. But just ten years ago, the picture was somewhat different. The place used to be a meeting place of the hooligans and antisocial criminals. Later, great initiatives taken by the Tamil Nadu government have helped the park to grow as one of the most beautiful gardens of Chennai.

Sivan Park

It is located on the western side of the city of Chennai. There is enough greenery that can free your mind from the city hassles. Far from the madding crowd, you will be lost in the seclusion that the garden offers to you. The main attraction of the park is a 15 feet long Lord Shiva statue. The sidewalks and lawns are equally attracting that have made the park one of the most-sought gardens of Chennai.