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Shopping in Chennai

About - Shopping in Chennai

Being one of the most important cities of Tamil Nadu, Chennai witnesses an influx of tourists from different parts of the country and the world throughout the year. Since it is an important commercial destinations of India Chennai offers something for everyone. If shopping and splurging are your favorite past times then Chennai is the place for you. Whether you are the brand conscious elite buyer, the fashion conscious street shopper or the artifacts and handicrafts lovers the broad roads and ethnic lanes of the city offer them all. The clash of the shop keepers and the mall owners has only resulted in a better bargain for the numerous shopper holics who get out on a shopping spree to the various malls and stores in the city.

About – Shopping Malls in Chennai

Chennai is also struck with the mall culture. In keeping with international standards of infrastructure and an assorted range of some of the most preferred brands, the malls in Chennai are slowly and steadily gaining popularity. The concept of providing everything to the customer under a single roof amidst luxurious surroundings is influencing the locals buyers. Most of the malls in Chennai are situated in the heart of the city in Anna Salai and Mount Road. Rapidly expanding the innumerable number of shopping malls in the city has changed the face of the city to a great extent. Spenders Plaza and City Center are some of the most popular malls in Chennai.

About - Street Shopping in Chennai

If window shopping is something you cannot resist then the various streets in Chennai are the ideal destination for you. Interconnected with one road after the other Chennai offers a huge street market. Streets like Pantheon, Cotton and Ranganathan are the hot spots for the average Chennai college girl. Displayed in full force the street shops in Chennai have no dearth of merchandize. Be it the latest fashionable garments, footwear, fashion jewelry, silk sarees or the authentic south Indian artifacts the multitude of street shops in Chennai offer them all. The most amazing part of shopping in the streets of Chennai is that there is immense scope for bargaining. If you have the knack of bargaining then you can get things at your price. Some of the famous items that you can find in the various street markets in Chennai include Leaf handicrafts from Tirunellveli, Pattamara mats, traditional jewelry from Kumbakonam, Silks from Kanchipuram and Metal works from Tanjavur