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Food and Dining in Chennai

South Indian food has long earned accolades from all the corners of the planet. Chennai being one of the epicenters of the southern part of India has all the reasons to invigorate your taste buds, the dishes that can bring out the hungry you from yourself. The city is enriched with foodstuffs of all kinds, ethnic and international. Therefore, food and dining in Chennai is an exquisite fairy tale of the city. You are most likely to be lost among the many dishes that the various bistros of the city offer. But try not to spend so much time and attention on one food, as there is a whole galaxy of excellent restaurants in Chennai.

Before you dive in the list of select few restaurants of Chennai, let's have a brief understanding of the culture of food and dining in Chennai. The base material of most of the Chennai dishes is rice and there are options aplenty for both veg and non-veg folks. But mostly rice, coconut oil and lentil (masoor) play vital roles in constituting the ethnic dishes. Coffee plays a vital role as well in Chennai food and dining habit as the Deccan valley is a rich productive section of the crop.

Apart from conventional south Indian dishes like Dosa, Idli and Uttapam, food and dining in Chennai has been escalated to international stratum long before. Chinese, Continental, Italian and Japanese dishes are available at various restaurants of Chennai that are spread in and around the city. Anna Salai is a place surrounded by such eateries. There are some other mouth-watering hubs in Chennai that are worth mentioning.


One of the most expensive hub for food and dining in Chennai, the area is congested with restaurants and cafes that all can boast of serving national and international dishes, extremely delicious.

Anna Salai

Though basically a shopping district, this place is one of the finest for food and dining in Chennai. You can sit and eat here or simply take away for home if you wish. Replenish your ravenous mind with any foodstuff you wish as the place is really well-off with dishes from the whole globe.


If you wish to tang only the ethnic foods of South India, this is the seventh heaven for you. Find the best south Indian cuisines here; explore one of the best places for food and dining in Chennai.

Anna Nagar

There are some of the best mid-class restaurants clustered here in Anna nagar. You will also find your favorite McDonalds and Dominos Pizza over here.

Want to dive in some of the best restaurants for food and dining in Chennai? Just check out this list. You can find the best deal out of here.


This is basically one of the world-class restaurants of the Chola Sheraton hotel. If you are a non-vegetarian person, this place is rapture for you as the several meat items are really delectable. Vegetarian options are also there aplenty. Better you call +91 44 281 0101 and make a booking as the restaurant is a destination for many food lovers of the city.


Seafood lovers, this is a paradise for you. Don't miss the prawn and lobster items. Others need not to get let down. There are other veg and non-veg options too. Call +91 44 2499 4101 for further details.

Anjappar, Sanghai Club, Cornucopia are among some other first-class eateries of the Chennai city. Food and dining in Chennai is as a whole a wonderful experience. Just yummy!