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Trains to Chennai

Are you a frequent traveler to the city of Chennai? Do you generally travel by train to Chennai? Travel to the city of Chennai, which is known as the land of the "'Gateway to South Indiaā€¯. The city is blessed with both art and literature. The city is famous for its Dance, Drama, Music and various cultural programs. Travel to this tourist destination where opportunities to explore is immense.

There are several trains traveling to and fro from different parts of the state to the city of Chennai. The city of Chennai is famous for its classical dance shows and Hindu temples. Chennai is a host to the long Music Season which continues for five weeks consecutively, thereby celebrating the opening of the Madras Music Academy. From traditional Carnatic music to the customary art festival namely the Chennai Sangamam, Chennai is a destination to travel and explore. The city is a wonderful destination in itself as far as shopping is concerned. Both leisure as well as business travelers have immense opportunity to discover and travel around.

There are several trains that are traveling to Chennai that are listed below:

Train No. Train Name To - From
1064 Chennai Dadar Express Mumbai - Chennai
2007 Mysore Shatabdi Express Mysore - Chennai
2433 Rajdhani Express Nijamudheen-Chennai
2607 Lalbagh Express Bangalore-Chennai
2615 G.T. Express New Delhi-Chennai
2621 Tamil Nadu Express New Delhi-Chennai
2639 Brindavan Express Bangalore-Chennai
2673 Cheran Express Coimbatore-Chennai
2675 Kovai Express Coimbatore-Chennai
2679 Chennai CoimbatoreIntercity Express Coimbatore - Chennai
2712 Vijayawada Pinakini Express Vijayawada-Chennai
2759 Charminar Express Hyderabad-Chennai
2842 Coromandel Express Howrah-Chennai
6004 Howrah Mail Howrah-Chennai
6007 Bangalore Mail Bangalore-Chennai
6031 Jammu Tawi Express New Delhi-Chennai
6039 Varanasi Express Varanasi-Chennai
6041 Alleppey Express Alleppey-Chennai
6043 Patna Sanghamitra Express Patna-Chennai
6046 Navjeevan Express Ahmedabad-Chennai
6053 Tirupati Express Tirupathi-Chennai
6057 Sapthagiri Express Tirupathi-Chennai
6089 Jolarpet Yelagiri Express Jolarpet-Chennai
6093 Lucknow Express Lucknow - Chennai
6203 Chennai Tirupati Express Tirupati-Chennai
6222 Chennai Mysore Express Mysore-Chennai
6319 Trivandrum Mail Trivandrum-Chennai
6601 Mangalore Mail Mangalore-Chennai
6605 Mettupalayam Nilgiri Express Mettupalayam-Chennai
6627 West Coast Express Mangalore-Chennai
7053 Hyderabad Express Hyderabad-Chennai
72 Gudur Passenger Gudur-Chennai Passenger Train
7443 Circar Express Kakinada-Chennai
96 Bangalore Passenger Bangalore-Chennai Passenger Train
9767 Jaipur Express Jaipur-Chennai