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Chennai - Overview


Welcome to Chennai! It’s a city where history is imbibed within the shades of modernity, where the Dravidian culture has fused well with the tints of internationality. With all the modern amenities present in today’s city of Chennai, with the flyovers, shopping malls, multiplexes and all, the city has become a center of attraction of many tourists all around the world. But if we take an overview of Chennai and the glorious past of the city it will perhaps reveal some other untold stories. Madras or Chennai was established in 1639. On Aug 22nd, 1639 when Francis Day and Andrew Cogan, two representatives of East India Company built a trade on the land that was granted to them. Today’s Chennai celebrates its birthday on 22nd August. In the year of 1640, the Fort St George, which is currently the legislative and administrative center of the city of Chennai, was formed. St. Thomas, who was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ is thought to have visited Chennai and taken his last breath over there. As a memoir, two neighborhoods of Chennai has been named after him.

If we take a traveler’s overview of Chennai, the city full of pomp and grandeur, we will discover that in recent past, the name, Madras was changed into Chennai. It was 1996. as a matter of fact, Chennai was the original name of the city which was subdued by the colonial name, Madras during the British rule. Chennai, the name was drawn from Chennapatnam, which is believed to have been a fishing village near Madraspatnam; a name the provoked the British rulers to name the city Madras. Now, the Chennapatnam and Madraspatnam both have merged to become one of the major metropolitans of India, Chennai.

A brief overview of Chennai of post colonial age will unearth some other interesting facts as well. Chennai or Madras became the capital of Madras state and when the state of Tamil Nadu was formed, Chennai became the capital of the state. A glorious sojourn of a city embarked on hot-and-happening present day. Today, Chennai is the heart of south India. It is the business central of southern India, the administrative nucleus of Tamil Nadu. And the most fascinating, it is one of the most-sought tourist spots of the country as well as the continent.

Chennai has given birth of many who-is-who of the Bollywood film industry. Maniratnam, the globally famous film-director and Alla Rakhha Rehman., the legendary music director and composer were born in Chennai. Tennis and Chess maestros, Vijay Armrithraj, Ramesh Krishnan, Vishwanathan Anand were all born in this city of Chennai. Not only that, Indira Nooyi, the CEO of Pepsi, the soft drinks giant, was born in this city.

Dravidian architectural characteristics can be found in each and every stem and cell of the city of Chennai. A succinct overview of Chennai will trace out some temples and churches of eternal beauty. However, nature has not hesitated to pour the best of it in the city of Chennai. The city of Chennai is full of greenery. However, driving down the roads and lanes of the city will surely depict these artifacts:

  1. Parthsarthy Temple
  2. Kapaleeshwar Temple
  3. Santhome Cathedral
  4. Fort St. George

Apart from these, the Marina beach of the city is a wonderful long drive track. The national Art gallery is a must-visit of the city of Chennai. An overview of Chennai is not ended here because there are many stories inside the city which can not be unfolded if not city is visited.