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Around Chennai

Have just got off your airbus at Chennai airport? In a hurry of taking a cab, finding a good hotel and then roaming across the city? Have you given a thought to the places around Chennai city? If not, you are sure to miss some of the best tourist spots of India and the world. The tourist places around the city are as appealing as the nature of the main city, always busy, always moving, always colorful. You can find the real South India here. In some places, life has remained the same as sketched the many sagas written by anonymous writers. Life is pure, unadulterated and close to nature here. Exploring the many places around Chennai city will make your Chennai tour an entirety. Otherwise, you are going to miss the really Chennai, the real Tamil Nadu.


Mahabalipuram is just 58 kilometers away from the main city of Chennai. Here you will find the ruins that will gift you a glimpse of the illustrious Pallava dynasty. Between fifth and eighth century, the Pallavas reached its height. You can simply imagine the dominance of the Pallavas from the temples and mansions that they had built. The Arjuna’s sacrament and the mandapams all around the place has made it so popular. Tirukkalikundram is also very popular as a pilgrimage.


Covelong is one of the main tourist spots around Chennai. The place has grown well-liked because of the vast beach, citadels and churches that are the evidences of the colonial era. You have to cover a distance of 48 kilometers to reach this place where the wreck of a fort has been modified into a beach resort. For swimming and surfing, the place is best.


Abounding with the ruins of the era of Cholas, Pallavas and Vijaynagar kings, the area is one of the most visited tourist places in and around Chennai. In fact, Kanchipuram is the third pinpoint in forming the golden triangle of the Eastern coast. The place is popular for the silk clothes and the major small-scale industry of the area. The Ekambareshwara temple is an antique place to visit as the Gopuram of the temple was one of the biggest structures of that time. A 1000 pillared hall and a 3500 years old mango tree can steal your nerves for moments.


Though situated in Andhra Pradesh, Tirupati is well-connected with Chennai and many people living in and around Chennai visit the place. The devotional essence of the area has been attracting tourists for not only years or decades, but for centuries. Tirupati is worshipped as the god of seven hills. The Tirumalanayaka Mandapam, which is temple of seventh century engraved aesthetically, is the main center of attraction here.


Muttukudu is the nearest place to reach around Chennai. The backwaters of this spot are great places for water-sports. This place is also perfect for having picnic or a one-day tour.

Cholamandal Artist’s village

If you have a knack for art and culture, you can drive 18 kilometers south from Chennai to reach this parish which is all full of artists and sculptors. This is a place where they can live and work with all their soul. In 1966, this commune was formed. Since then, this is one of the many places of interest around Chennai.

Muttukadu, Crocodile Bank, Vedanthangal, Vandalur, Dakshinachitra are some other places in and around Chennai worth visiting.